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Microcurrent Facial Devices

Unveil your true beauty and revolutionize your skincare routine with a professional, at home microcurrent facial toning device.

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<tc>AMIRO</tc> <tc>R1 PRO</tc> 臉部射頻緊膚儀<tc>AMIRO</tc> <tc>R1 PRO</tc> 臉部射頻緊膚儀
AMIRO R1 PRO 臉部射頻緊膚儀
Sale priceFrom $383.00 Regular price$602.00
<tc>AMIRO</tc> <tc>R3 Turbo</tc> 臉部射頻緊膚儀<tc>AMIRO</tc> <tc>R3 Turbo</tc> 臉部射頻緊膚儀
<tc>AMIRO</tc> V 型面罩適用於 <tc>R3 Turbo</tc> - 4 件裝AMIRO V-Face Mask For R3 Turbo - Pack Of  4 AMIRO
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AMIRO GlowBooster Microcurrent LED Facial DeviceAMIRO GlowBooster Microcurrent LED Facial Device
Deluxe Bundle: R3 Turbo + LumoMax + Hydrating Mist
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Premium Bundle: R3 Turbo + GlowBooster
Premium Bundle: R3 Turbo + GlowBooster
Sale price$903.00 Regular price$1,464.00
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Premium Bundle: U1 UltraLift + R3 Turbo
Premium Bundle: U1 UltraLift + R3 Turbo
Sale price$1,503.00 Regular price$2,187.00


Microcurrent facial devices work by utilizing microcurrent technology to stimulate the muscles in the face, promoting a lifting and firming effect. This technology works by delivering low-level electrical currents to the muscles, causing them to contract and tighten, similar to how muscles react during exercise. Additionally, the AMIRO GlowBooster device combines thermal-electric therapy to promote circulation and absorption of skincare ingredients, as well as light therapy (specifically red and infrared light) to promote collagen regeneration and reduce fine lines.

Microcurrent facial treatment offers numerous benefits, including instant skin firming and lifting, enhanced absorption of skincare ingredients, radiant and revitalized skin, painless therapeutic effects, boosted daily skincare efficacy and extended effects similar to cosmetic procedures.

The recommended duration for using a microcurrent facial device is typically around 5 minutes per session. This duration is usually sufficient to provide the desired lifting and firming effects without overstimulating the muscles or causing discomfort.

Microcurrent facial treatments do not cause fat loss. Instead, they work primarily on the muscles of the face to promote a lifting and firming effect, as well as on the skin to improve its overall appearance and texture.