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<tc>AMIRO</tc> 製備凝膠 70 mlPreparation Gel - AMIRO
<tc>AMIRO</tc> S1 專用面膜 - 4 片裝AMIRO Dedicated Facial Mask for S1 - Pack of 4 AMIRO
Save $82.00
AMIRO Eye Rejuvenation RF Device AMIROAMIRO Eye Rejuvenation RF Device AMIRO
AMIRO 眼部再生射頻設備
Sale price$274.00 Regular price$356.00
<tc>AMIRO</tc> A2 IPL 除毛儀<tc>AMIRO</tc> A2 IPL 除毛儀
Save $273.00
<tc>AMIRO</tc> <tc>LumoMax</tc> 高能量光療裝置<tc>AMIRO</tc> <tc>LumoMax</tc> 高能量光療裝置
AMIRO LumoMax 高能量光療裝置
Sale priceFrom $411.00 Regular price$684.00
<tc>S2 Seal</tc> 主掩碼<tc>S2 Seal</tc> 主掩碼
<tc>S2 Seal</tc> 四區面罩<tc>S2 Seal</tc> 四區面罩
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Four-Zone Face MaskAMIRO U1 UltraLift Four-Zone Face Mask
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Preparation GelAMIRO U1 UltraLift Preparation Gel
<tc>AMIRO</tc> S1 專用面膜 - 4 片裝<tc>AMIRO</tc> S1 專用面膜 - 4 片裝


At-home facial devices offer numerous benefits. They provide professional-quality treatments conveniently, without the need for salon appointments. Cost-effective and safe, they deliver visible results in just a few weeks, improving skin texture and tone. With features like smart temperature control and timer functions, they ensure comfortable and effective treatments at home. By combining technologies like radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation, these devices offer comprehensive skin rejuvenation, making them a must-have for anyone seeking younger, firmer and healthier skin.

Yes, face tightening devices - such as those that utilize radio frequencies - facial do work, and they offer several benefits for improving skin appearance and texture. RF technology stimulates collagen production, which helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, resulting in a more youthful complexion. Additionally, RF waves improve blood circulation and can reduce the appearance of pores, leading to healthier-looking skin with improved tone and texture. These devices are safe and non-invasive, making them an attractive option for many seeking skin rejuvenation. However, it's essential to consider factors such as cost, time commitment for multiple sessions and potential side effects like redness or swelling. Overall, when used consistently and as directed, face tightening devices can provide noticeable and long-lasting improvements to the skin.

At home facial devices are considered safe and painless to use. They utilize technology that stimulates collagen production, resulting in skin tightening without causing discomfort. Additionally, RF devices are non-invasive, meaning they do not require needles or incisions, further contributing to their safety and painlessness.