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AMIRO exists to create a series of at-home electronic beauty devices for the beauty users. We are aiming for reforming the beauty industry with high-tech and fantastic design to let your makeup and skincare routine more enjoyable.

“Easy, safe and effective!”This is our mission of product!

Do you care about our earth?

Statistics provided by the United Nations Environment Programme show that the world's plastic production soared from 2 million tons in 1950 to 348 million tons in 2017. Of these, the beauty industry produces more than 120 billion packages per year.It takes decades or even hundreds of years for ordinary plastics to degrade.

 According to research, about 90% of the world's marine birds and fishes eat plastic. Mass plastic production and disposal are creating a "triple crisis" in terms of climate change, nature loss, and pollution.  

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Being our user!
AMIRO RF facial device is a great substitute for skin care products. AMIRO offers a better and more effective beauty solution through the application of Opto-Electronic in beauty products instead of producing more plastics and chemicals. In this way, AMIRO is not only helping our users save money, but also doing efforts to protect our earth.

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Mission of Product


We Strive for more professional product and functional design. Each product developed has been tested by both AMIRO LAB and external professional authority, even sensitive skin can be used safely.


We adopt the cutting-edge technology to simplifies the using and skincare steps to make the users of all ages enjoy high efficient product experience at home.


Let every user can see the true and excellent effect of AMIRO products after using it for 1 day, 1 year, 3 years, or even 10 years.

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AMIRO has won 38
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