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<tc>AMIRO</tc> A2 IPL 除毛儀<tc>AMIRO</tc> A2 IPL 除毛儀


An IPL hair removal device utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to deliver gentle pulses of light to the hair root, prompting the hair to enter its resting phase and eventually fall out. This leads to long-lasting smoothness in the treated area. Our devices offer a painless solution for reducing hair growth, with visible results in as little as three weeks.

Yes, IPL hair removal devices can provide permanent hair reduction with consistent use. The AMIRO A2 IPL Hair Removal Device, for example, delivers up to 6J/cm² of energy per flash, resulting in visible hair reduction in as little as three weeks. With more than 92% hair reduction achievable after 8 sessions, consistent treatment over 8 to 12 weeks can lead to permanent hair reduction.

Yes, at-home hair removal devices are effective in reducing hair growth. They offer salon-level permanent hair removal in the comfort of your home, delivering results comparable to professional salon treatments while saving both time and costs.

Yes, it's recommended to shave the hair removal area before using an IPL hair removal device. This ensures that the IPL light energy can effectively target the hair follicles without interference from surface hair.