AMIRO sonic electric toothbrush Dupont Three teeth-brushing mode free 1 more head yellow/blue/pink

$49 $99
  1. More comfortable teeth-brushing experiences

  2. The selection of the coziest spinning speed: 38000-41000 spins/min Suspension motor, adjustable sense of vibration to achieve the best experiences  

  3. Dupont Ultra Soft Rounded Tip Bristles, Aim for Gum Health 

  4. Three teeth-brushing mode with customized choice Morning mode/Evening mode/ Sensitive gums mode

  5. Personalized and adjustable for your needs
  6. A beautiful day starts with pleasant teeth-brushing experiences Comfortable feelings and Restful Sleep
  7. Ultra-long life battery  800mAh Battery of Large Capacity With Wireless charging base, one charge is enough for normal use of three weeks
  8. This product has won Red Dot Design Award and International Design Excellence Awards  







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