AMIRO facial sonic cleansing brush -Cotton like gentle Cleaner wireless charge

$49 $99

AMIRO facial Cleansing Brush -Cotton smart less harm face gentle Cleaner pobling massager all skin/wireless charge---white 

  • 2019 RED DOT AWARD
  • Gently clean acne blackhead from pore
  • Spin sonic tech, Less harm to face
  • 4 gear models satisfy all skin types
  • Charge two hours uses for 3 months
  • Colors: Cotton white
  • Certification: FCC, CE, IEC, EMF, PSE, KC, SAA, BSI
  • Battery:250mAh
  • Charge 2hours could stayby 180days 
  • cleaner size: diameter74mm,high 48mm

      charge base size:100mm*50mm*17mm

      Net weight: 110g
      Gross weight: 300g
      1 pcs/ box size: 12.5*12.5*7.8cm
      24pcs/Box Size: 50*26*28cm
      24 pcs weight: 7.5kg

  •   What's in the box:   


     charge base*1

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