AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home DeviceAMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
Save ¥4,830
<tc>AMIRO R3 Turbo RF美顔器</tc><tc>AMIRO R3 Turbo RF美顔器</tc>
AMIRO R3 Turbo RF美顔器
セールスプライス¥57,936 から 通常価格¥62,766
Save ¥20,800
AMIRO Spectra 5-in-1 LED Light Therapy Facial MaskAMIRO Spectra 5-in-1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask
AMIRO Spectra 5-in-1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask
セールスプライス¥65,700 通常価格¥86,500
Save ¥36,800
AMIRO LumoMax 高エネルギー光線療法装置AMIRO LumoMax 高エネルギー光線療法装置
AMIRO LumoMax 高エネルギー光線療法装置
セールスプライス¥52,900 から 通常価格¥89,700



Proven results

R3 Turbo
U1 UltraLift
Spectra LED Mask
S2 Seal Master

Trusted by Skincare Experts

“It helps with under-eye puffiness and facial puffiness and it even tightens up the skin with fine lines and wrinkles in it.”
— Cassandra Bankson

Skincare expert, medical aesthetician, published writer

“It's particularly effective for reducing the appearance of chubby cheeks and sculpting your face without invasive procedures.”
— Parmita Katkar

Self-image transformation specialist, Pioneer in face yoga

"The radio energy of the AMIRO device penetrates to a depth of around three millimeters, which is ideal for the stimulation of collagen."
— Dr. Davin Lim

Australian Board -Certified Laser, Procedural and Aesthetic Dermatologist, member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

"The EMS mode and the RF mode have a dual effect on the facial and muscular layers, allowing for deep muscle contractions."
— Jadé Marie

Holistic-Medical Esthetician, Makeup artist, Wellness advocate

"The RF to firm the skin and stimulate new collagen production, along with minimizing fine lines and wrinkles."
— Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Anna Zahn, Founder and Owner of Ricari Studio Health Spas, with locations in LA, NY and London

"AMIRO S2 combines the essence, face mask, technique, and procedure of the master’s research to perform precise facial care and improved skin care efficiency."
— Dr. Song Weimin

Board-certified dermatologist, Medical Cosmetologist, Thermage clinical training instructor

”AMIRO device firms and rejuvenates your skin by enhancing what you have without altering your facial structure.“
— Dr. Dylan Greeney

Board-certified dermatologist, Non-surgical Aesthetic Specialist

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