R1 Pro
What are the differences between the black R1 Pro and the pink
The black R1 Pro and the pink R1 Pro are the same except for the colour and the package. You could refer to the link below to get more information. Besides, the Pink R1 Pro is more suitable as a gift.

R1 Pro Black

R1 Pro Pink
Can I use the R1 Pro around the eye area
This product is suitable for most areas of face, eye area, neck, but not for the lips, eyeballs, upper and lower eyelids, eyelids and throat.

Do not apply RF electrodes to the eyelids or around the eyes to prevent damage to the eyes.

For double chin, please avoid lymph when you use it. You'd better use it on the sides of your double chin.
Can I use the R1 Pro with serums and creams
We recommend using our official gel with the R1 Pro. While the device can be used with serums, creams, and other conductive materials, their effects may not be as good as our official gel.

If you prefer to use serums or creams, we suggest choosing ones that are easily applied. Otherwise, it may affect the user experience and effectiveness of the device.
Can I use the R1 Pro with another brand of gel
The official gel is jointly developed with the AMIRO radio frequency instrument. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity. It also adds classic anti-aging ingredients to promote skin elasticity, prevent energy loss, and improve the efficacy of the instrument.

Ingredients: palmitoyl tripeptide-5, hexapeptide-9, and sodium hyaluronate that locks in moisture and moisturizes powerfully.

If it runs out, you can use a mild, non-irritating gel with similar ingredients instead. Aloe vera gel is a good choice.
Can I use the R1 Pro if I have acne, eczema, or other skin conditions
You can use the product when you have acne. If you have other curable facial deseases, you could use the device one week later after recovery.

*Note: the device can't be used for skin cancer, allergic dermatitis, etc.

After medical aesthetic surgery, such as water light injection, injections (such as botox, hyaluronic acid), photorejuvenation, thread carving, plastic surgery, etc., doctors need to confirm complete absorption (usually recommended after three months), or after recovery.
How to change mode
When power is on, short press the switch/mode button to switch between [Firming and lifting mode] in green and [Wrinkle smoothing and rejuvenation mode] in orange.
How do I clean the R1 Pro
The product is not waterproof. You can't use water to rinse it or use alcohol to wipe it. After treatment, wipe off any gel remaining on the RF device with a slightly damp soft cloth, then dry it with a dry cloth before putting it back in a box or storage bag.
Why do I receive the product with scratch/crack on the center of the glass head
Since the TIN titanium electrode sheet of the flat head and the lens will form a tiny mold line during the condensed molding process, this mold line (melt line) is a normal phenomenon and only exists on the inner wall of the flat head, not scratches, cracks or traces of secondary. It will not affect the normal use and efficacy of the instrument.
Can I use the R1 Pro everyday
It depends on the mode that you use. You could use Firm and Lift mode every day if you wake up with edema. It is recommended to use Wrinkle Fading and Rejuvenation mode twice a week.
Can I apply another skincare product after using RF device
You could massage for five to ten minutes to absorb the remaining gel. Then wash your face and continue to your skincare routine.
What is the wavelength of red light and infrared light
Red light: wavelength 655nm + power 0.4W (improve cell metabolism, inhibit melanin, brighten skin tone)

Infrared light: wavelength 850nm + power 0.4W (open skin barrier, promote skin microcirculation)
Is the device suitable for pregnancy
It is not recommended to use this RF device during pregnancy. And it is suggested to consult a doctor before using it during menstruation or breastfeeding.
Can I bring the R1 Pro on the plane
The R1 Pro contains lithium batteries which may not be allowed to be brought on a plane. It is recommended to consult with the local airport.
How do I use the L1 and R1 Pro if I have them both at the same time
When the skin has acne, allergies and other problems, it is recommended to use a mask.

If there is no obvious problem with the skin, the radio frequency device and the mask can be used alternately. The radio frequency device is used 2-3 times a week, and the mask can be used when the radio frequency device is not used.

If you have a lot of time and want to use it at the same time, it is recommended to use the radio frequency device first, and then the mask, because the radio frequency device is used for thermal injury treatment, and the mask can relieve and repair.
How to charge your R1 Pro
There would be a Type-C power cable that comes with the device. Please use the Type-C cable and power adapter with the specification of output 5V2A to charge the device.

(*Note:Incompatible power cable and power adapter may result in no charge or virtual electricity)

The R1 Pro is an LG battery with a 2,600mah large-capacity battery, which can be charged in 3-4 hours. It can be used 2-4 times, but low power will occur after 2 times of use.
What are the differences between the R1 Pro and the S1
Both the R1 Pro and S1 are four-in-one devices that include microcurrent, red light, infrared light, and radio frequency.

However, the S1 surpasses the R1 in anti-aging with its stronger power. The frequency power of the AMIRO R1 Pro is 1 MHz, while the RF output frequency of the S1 is 2 MHz(when power on)->1.5MHz->1MHz.

The R1 Pro is a fundamental RF device, while the S1 is an advanced one. Both devices have shown great performance in stimulating collagen regeneration.
What are the differences between the stamp and daily mode
To use the device in daily mode, apply gel to the device and slide it over both cheeks and forehead, similar to how the R1 Pro is used.

For stamp mode, apply the mask to the device and press it gently over the entire face. We have provided a video to demonstrate how to use stamp mode.How to use Amiro S1 Stamping RF Facial Device
Can I use the S1 with another brand of gel or mask
If you run out of our official mask, you may use your own mask (except for hyaluronic acid masks). The effects of your own mask will be the same, but it will not be recognized or stamped, so the coverage area may not be as precise.

However, using a hyaluronic acid mask while using the RF device may cause redness or bumps due to inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin.
How do I clean the S1
After the care routine, wipe off the residue on the device with a slightly wet soft cloth, and then dry it with a dry cloth before putting it back in the storage box or pouch.
How to turn off the microcurrent when I use daily mode
In Daily Skin Care mode, after pressing the intensity button for 1.5s, when the mode indicator is white, the EMS is on, and when the mode indicator is cyan, the EMS micro-current is off.
How frequent is it that I am supposed to use stamp mode according to my facial situation
Sensitive skin:once a week
Oily skin: three-four times a week
Normal skin: three times a week
Dry skin: twice a week

If you don't know what the exact type of your skin is, or your skin is the combination of two or more types, it is recommend you use stamp mode twice a week.
How to charge S1
You could charge the device directly or by charging base with the Type-C cable that comes with and output 5V3A power adapter.

When the device is charged by charging base, the indicator on base turning green from orange means being fully charged. When charges directly, it isn't fully charged until all 3 intensity/power indicators are lit up and stable on.
What are the differences between the black R1 Pro and the pink
It is generally safe to use both the S1 and L1 devices on the same day.

The S1 device is designed to stimulate collagen regeneration and help rejuvenate the skin, while the L1 device is primarily used to address acne and maintain skin barrier stability.

When using both devices together, it is important to follow the instructions for each device and to be mindful of the potential intensity of the treatments. Over-treating the skin can lead to irritation or other adverse effects, so it may be best to use the devices at different times of the day or on alternate days.

As always, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional for personalized advice on how to incorporate these devices into your skincare routine for optimal results.
How many light bulbs are there in the LED mask
The L1 LED mask contains a total of 60 LED light beads.
Can I use the L1 LED mask with my own face mask
It is not recommended to apply a mask before using the AMIRO L1 LED Mask and it does not need to be used with a mask. You can apply your own mask after the treatment is complete.
Can I use three modes of L1 in sequence
You can use the three modes either sequentially or at different times throughout the day, but it is recommended to avoid wearing the mask for more than 30 minutes per day.
Can I use the LED mask every day? How long does it last for one mode
You can choose from different facial modes, each lasting 10 minutes, to address your specific facial condition every day.
Is there an English instruction manual for the eye rejuvenation device
Sorry, we don't currently have a relevant English instruction manual. Please refer to this video for guidance: How to use AMIRO Eye Rejuvenation RF Device
The RF facial device can be used on the lower eyelids, so why do I need an eye rejuvenation device
The eye rejuvenation device is specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eyes. Its head is better suited to fit the contours of the eyes. And it can be used in conjunction with eye masks for optimal results.
Can I use the eye rejuvenation device every day
Your skin needs to build up tolerance first. It is recommended to use it every other day and 2-3 times a week. Please adjust the frequency of use according to your personal situation.
Can I use it with eye masks or eye creams from other brands
If you have used up the eye mask, you can opt for an eye cream or eye serum with similar ingredients to the wrinkle-reducing eye mask as an alternative in case of emergency.
What is the wavelength range of this hair removal device
The wavelength range of the A2 hair removal device is 640-1200nm.
What is the energy level of this hair removal device
The energy level of A2 hair removal device is 5.5J/c㎡. Combining with long red light waves, it can reduce melanin, remove hair without leaving black spots.
What is the difference between A1 and A2 hair removal device
The primary difference between A1 and A2 IPL machines lies in their energy output, weight, and applicability for different types of hair.

A1 has a classic gun-type shape, weighs 475g, and delivers an energy output of 5J/cm². It is best suited for light to medium hair.

On the other hand, A2 is designed to be lightweight and compact, weighing only 285g, with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to remove all types of body hair. With an energy output of 5.5J/cm², it is effective for removing moderate to heavy hair.
What's the main difference between O2 and Mini 2
O2 features auto-sensing and offers three lighting modes, each with six levels of brightness. Additionally, it has a memory function that saves the last mode used if the device is turned off after 20 seconds of use.Meanwhile, Mini 2 is a lighter and more affordable option that offers five brightness levels and can be flipped 180° to adjust to different makeup angles.
How to charge O2
Use the original Type-C charging cable to charge, which takes 2-3 hours to fully charge from empty.
Low battery: when battery level is between 5% and 20%, the indicator light will flash continuously in red/blue (depending on the mode).
Empty battery: when battery level is less than or equal to 5%, press the power button briefly and the indicator light will flash in red/blue for 5 seconds before turning off.
Charging: the indicator light will flash green with a breathing effect, with a 1-second interval.
Charging complete: the indicator light will stay on with a solid green color.
How long can an O2 last on a full charge
The usage duration of the O2 device is variable and dependent on both the brightness level and the length of each individual usage. With a full charge, the O2 can last for approximately 6 days when used for around 20 minutes daily on the lowest brightness setting.
How to use A1 hair removal device
Step 1: Hair Removal
Wet the skin with foam or shave during a shower.

Step 2: Power On
Plug in the power, press and hold the power button to turn the device on/off; press shortly to switch modes.

Step 3: Wear Eye Protection

Step 4: Start Hair Removal
Place the light outlet perpendicular to the skin, and when the indicator light turns green, select the appropriate mode (single flash/continuous flash) for hair removal.

Step 5: Use Moisturizing Gel
After hair removal, use the AMIRO official moisturizing gel to soothe and moisturize the skin for a better tenderizing effect.
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Why Did I Not Receive An Order Confirmation Email
An order confirmation email will automatically send to the email you filled on the checkout page. Below are the common cases for not receiving the order confirmation email:

Your order status is pending, the payment of the order is not finished.
Your order is automatically canceled. Pending order will be kept for 24 hours, otherwise it’ll be canceled automatically.
The email you filled on the checkout page is not correct. Or you wrong the email address you filled on the checkout page. You can check other emails’ inbox or spam emails.
The order confirmation email is blocked or sent to the spam emails. You can check the spam inbox.

If you can’t find the order number or order confirmation email, please feel free to contact us via email or live chat.
What Kind of Currency Do AMIRO Support
For AMIRO order payment, only USD currency is supported. If you're paying via credit card, the default currency will be automatically switched to USD during the transaction.
How to Cancel My Order
AMIRO accepts order cancellation before the order is shipped out. Please contact us within one working day after you place your order.

Please send an email with a brief title (such as Cancel My Order#) to service@amirobeauty.com with below information:

Order ID:
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How to Change My Order
We can help change the order before your order is shipped out. Please contact us via live chat or service@amirobeauty.com within one working day after you place your order.

Compared to model A, if model B has:

The same price: We will change the order directly

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Lower price: We will change the order directly and refund the difference based on your original order.

Once your order is changed successfully, we will start to process your order shipment within 48 working hours.
How to Change My Shipping Information
We can help change shipping address before your order is shipped out. Please contact us within one working day after you place your order.
How to Get My Order Invoice
AMIRO offers invoice for orders placed on AMIRO official website. Please contact us at service@amirobeauty.com.
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What are the Shipping Carrier Options
We will choose a suitable carrier for you according to your address and the weight of the parcel. If you have special shipping requirements, please contact service@amirobeauty.com before shipment. We will try to meet your requirements.
Who Should Pay For Tax
We do NOT be held responsible for any duties, taxes (including VAT) and brokerage fees (if need be). These charges are recipient’s responsibility.
What Should I Do If My Order is Returned Back
please contact service@amirobeauty.com as soon as possible via email with a brief title as “Order# is returned back”.

Contact the carrier to make sure whether the parcel is still kept on the local facility, whether they can try a second delivery attempt.
What Should I Do If My Order Is Missing
First, we advise you to check your mailbox, the front door or the neighbors. Sometimes the carrier may also drop off the near packing stations for a pickup.

If you cannot find it anywhere, please contact the local carrier and ask for a lost certification. Please contact us at service@amirobeauty.com with the certification. We may arrange a new shipment for you.
Where is My Order
In general, we will process your order within 1 working day in our system and the packages will be sent out to our forwarders within 2-3 working days. After shipped out, you will receive an email with tracking number and tracking link.

If you didn’t receive the tracking number after 3 working days,
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2) The email you filled while placing the order is wrong

If you cannot find in spam folder or the email address is wrong, please contact us at service@amirobeauty.com
Return & Refund
What Should I Do If My Product is Out Of Warranty
We provide a one-year limited warranty for products purchased from AMIRO official website and stores on Amazon, Yami, Lazada, etc.

If your product is out of warranty, our support team still provides the troubleshooting service.

But it is not available for a new replacement. If you still want to replace the item, there may be a high repair fee which would be equivalent to the product value. So we advise you to purchase a new one which is more favorable.
How to Get My Money Back
We don't accept unwanted returns. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

If the product is defective (non-manmade) when you receive it, within 30 days of delivery, you can get a full refund or replacement.

Beyond 30 days but within a 1-year warranty, a full refund is not available, but replacement is acceptable.
How to Return & Refund AMIRO Products
We don't accept unwanted returns. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

If the product is defective (non-manmade) when you receive it, within 30 days of delivery, you can get a full refund or replacement.

Beyond 30 days but within a 1-year warranty, a full refund is not available, but replacement is acceptable.

For orders eligible for a refund, the money will go back to your payment account.