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How to Effectively Hydrate Your Skin

AMIRO invited me to try out their new product, the GlowBooster Microcurrent LED facial device and let me tell you, it delivered the goods!

I was excited to try out the item as, for years, I've struggled with dull and lifeless skin, and this item has transformed how it looks.

Not only did this device make my skin look less tired, but it also boosted the hydration of my skin, which is taking years off how it looks and making it glow with vitality!

This is now fast becoming a desert island beauty must-have for me, and I don't want to imagine taking care of my daily skincare routine without it! Let's delve deeper into why hydration is vital to the skin and how the Glowbooster is the perfect remedy to help.

Why Does Hydration Matter?

Using AMIRO's GlowBooster Microcurrent LED Facial Device has given a marked improvement in the hydration levels of my skin, but why is that vital? Well, not only does hydrated skin indicate a body that's well cared for, but you can't reduce fine lines and wrinkles properly without it.

How To Hydrate Your Face and How The AMIRO GlowBooster Helped Me

The first way to keep the moisture levels up in your skin is to make sure they're up in your body. So, make sure you consume at least 8 glasses of water every day to help the activity of the cells in your body. They are like gears in a machine and need enough fluid to keep powering along and help you dispose of dead skin cells. In addition, you should give the machine a break and make sure you get enough sleep. 8 hours is the average recommendation for getting the full benefits. Keeping these things in order is one big step to a brighter and more radiant you!

For good measure, you should also consider using moisturisers and serums as well as toners and other skincare products which are a real helping hand towards the hydration you need.

But did you know that the microcurrent technology in the AMIRO GlowBooster Microcurrent LED Facial Device absorbs these skin ingredients at a significantly higher rate than applying them without it? I noticed the effects on my skin from this device after just a few days. My skin felt tighter and more lifted while looking visibly brighter in tone, and this was a revelation to me.

Hydration's Secret Weapon is the AMIRO GlowBooster

Not only can the AMIRO GlowBooster work with skincare products, but it can also work with them all! Yes, that's right, you can use your device with any serums, gels, and masks, just as I did.

This device uses microcirculating pulse thermal-electric technology, which speeds up the absorption of nutrients into the deep layers of your skin. To get more into the science side, AMIRO states that the GlowBooster Microcurrent LED Facial Device boosts niacinamide absorption by 65.6 times and sodium hyaluronate absorption up to 44.4 times. So, as you can see, using the AMIRO Glow Booster has a huge impact on the skin.

But the Glow Booster isn't just a powerful beauty tool; it's also ideal to use at home or wherever else you want to! This is thanks to its compact size and two-week battery life, which makes it the most practical skincare device you can hope for!

In Summary

So, in closing, I cannot express enough how much this genius tool has transformed my skincare routine. I cannot get over how perfect it is that it enhances my daily routine so much while working with my favourite products and enabling me to use it anywhere and any time!

AMIRO has come to the rescue with a very convenient beauty device that can take years off your appearance and make you feel at your very best with a radiant glow. Check it out for yourself!