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Breaking Barriers, Building Beauty: AMIRO's Commitment to Inclusivity

At AMIRO, we believe in the transformative power of beauty – a power that knows no bounds. However, for many individuals with disabilities, the journey to self-love and confidence is riddled with challenges that extend far beyond conventional beauty standards. In our quest for inclusivity, we've had the privilege of connecting with extraordinary individuals like Kaley, Sophie, and Stefanie, who have not only faced adversity head-on but have emerged as beacons of strength and inspiration.


Kaley: Redefining Beauty Post-Disability

Kaley Yerman, a C-5 quadriplegic, courageously shares her transformative journey following a life-altering accident at 14. The emotional and physical challenges she confronted propelled her into the role of a confident influencer. Kaley highlights the societal norms that often impede relationships for those with disabilities. In response, AMIRO's R3 Turbo, an accessible beauty device, strives to shatter these barriers, providing crucial assistance and fostering a newfound sense of independence.

Kaley believes in the power of visibility, and she applauds AMIRO's initiative to give back to the disabled community through charitable beauty product giveaways. By doing so, AMIRO not only challenges societal norms but also showcases the inherent beauty within the disabled community.


Sophie: Navigating Life's Challenges with Grace

Sophie Bradbury, diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA type 3) at a young age, is an influential blogger sharing her journey on Instagram. Despite her positive outlook, Sophie acknowledges the daily challenges she faces due to the world's limited accessibility. AMIRO recognizes the unique needs of individuals like Sophie, striving to break barriers by offering accessible and convenient care products.

During our campaign, Sophie felt a genuine sense of care and support from AMIRO, emphasizing the company's commitment to empowering the special needs community. Through convenient home solutions, AMIRO ensures that individuals like Sophie can experience beauty and confidence within the comfort of their homes.


Stefanie: Embracing Life's Changes with Grace

Stefanie Schaffer, a renowned writer, faced a drastic shift in her life due to a boating accident at the age of 22. Despite the challenges, she emerged as a model, content creator, and author, actively embracing life. Stefanie highlights the initial loneliness she experienced and the transformative power of connecting with a disabled community through social media.

AMIRO resonates with Stefanie's journey, aiming to create an inclusive community through our platform. By providing convenient beauty experiences at home, AMIRO acknowledges the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and strives to make beauty accessible to all.


Empowerment Through Innovation: The R3 Turbo Experience

The R3 Turbo, AMIRO's revolutionary beauty device, transcends mere assistance. It offers a salon-like treatment that specifically targets sagging skin, delivering remarkable lifting and tightening effects, and effectively diminishing fine lines. More than just a beauty tool, the R3 Turbo serves as a beacon of empowerment, providing professional-level care directly within the comfort of users' homes.

This device, endorsed by individuals like Kaley, Sophie, and Stefanie, represents AMIRO's unwavering commitment to redefining beauty standards. By harnessing transformative capabilities, we aim to make self-care and professional-level beauty experiences accessible to everyone, ensuring that the journey to beauty is inclusive and empowering for all. Join us in embracing a new era of beauty and self-care with the R3 Turbo.


Get Involved: Join the Movement

Breaking Barriers, Building Beauty is our commitment at AMIRO — a pledge to inclusivity, empowerment, and reshaping beauty standards. Through our accessible beauty devices and initiatives, we stand with individuals facing disabilities, celebrating their uniqueness and ensuring beauty knows no boundaries. Support our cause by signing up for our newsletter; together, we can create a world where beauty belongs to everyone. Join us in shaping a more inclusive future.