AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device
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AMIRO U1 UltraLift Skin-lifting Ultrasound Home Device

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U1 UltraLift is the home-use version of Ultherapy. It offers Clinic-Grade ultrasound technology proven to lift and tighten your skin with ease of use in the comfort of your home.

• The only home device comparable to Ultherapy.

• Targeting lifting from the same layer as facelifts surgery.

• Treats all signs of aging, sagging skin and jawline, fine lines and wrinkles, collagen reduction and more

• Instant and long-lasting visible results.

• Zero damage. No downtime

Harnessing the same groundbreaking technology as Ultherapy and Skinlift procedures, penetrating deep into the SMAS layer for unparalleled, long-lasting results.

What’s Included

- AMIRO U1 UltraLift x1
- U1 Preperation Gel x1
- U1 Four-Zone Mask x5 pieces
- Charging Cable x1
- Charging Base x1
- Cleaning Wipe x1
- Guide Card x1

Duration of use

The device can only be used up to 2 times per week and for no longer than 8 minutes at a time.

Ultrasound Frequency

4 MHz ± 10%

Input Voltage

5 V

Rated Input
15 W
Number of Electrodes
Microcurrent Frequency
20 KHz±10%
Battery Capacity
3000 mAh
Device Dimensions
135*66*44 mm
Electrode Surface Area
213.07 mm2

*We highly recommend reviewing the user manual before use.

Since U1 UltraLift delivers the most noticeable and long-lasting lifting effects, its powerful energy penetrates the skin's SMAS layer up to 4.5 millimeters, requiring your special attention during use:

*Start with level one to test and gradually build up your tolerance to the energy.

*Avoid using the device on the following areas on the face during facial treatment:

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Before & After
How It Works
How to Use
Before & After
How It Works
How to Use
Real users, real results in 28 days
Visible results on all signs of aging
+ 28 %

Jawline Clarity

+ 32 %

Volume of Cheek

- 27 %

Nasolabial Folds

- 28 %

Crow's Feet

U1 UltraLift, The Ultherapy Home Device

The Best Skin-Lifting Device

Ultherapy Home Device

As the most effective skin tightening clinical treatment, Ultherapy utilizes micro-focused ultrasound energy to target the deepest layers of the skin, including the SMAS and muscle layer.

The AMIRO device employs the same technology, delivering high-energy waves through proprietary square-wave technology to penetrate deep beneath the skin safely and effectively, without pain or downtime.

The most effective

The primary cause of facial sagging and aging is attributed to the loosening of the SMAS layer (Sub-Muscular Aponeurotic System). Effective and long-lasting skin tightening requires the delivery of energy deep into the SMAS layer.

Tightening the SMAS layer uplifts the entire face, addressing common signs of aging like less defined jawlines, increased nasolabial folds, reduced cheek volume, and fine lines around the eyes caused by sagging.

Longest-Lasting Results

Because the energy penetrates deeply to SMAS layer, it continually stimulates collagen production for the following three to six months, resulting in firming and naturally rejuvenated skin.

Safe & Painless

To address the discomfort caused by high-energy levels, AMIRO has innovated by altering the traditional ultrasonic frequency's peak stimulation. Through the development of square wave energy, AMIRO enables users to safely and painlessly harness high-energy levels at home, achieving clinical-grade results.


How to Use

We highly recommend reviewing the User Manual before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Linda Lin
My best choice

Out of all the beauty devices I've tried, this one stands out the most for its lifting effect. I could still see the tightening effect on my skin The next morning. I've tried several different brands, including some popular ones, but in terms of lifting, this device truly takes the lead!

Ricci Maria
Exquisite wine selection

Upon spotting the advertisement, I was immediately drawn in by its promise of delivering an instant lifting effect. Naturally, I couldn't resist but save up for it, especially with the added bonus of a complementary eye device and some gel and masks thrown into the promotion. That sweetened the deal for me.

The anticipation grew as I eagerly awaited the arrival of the device. I must admit, I even stayed up late the night before in excitement. However, when morning came, I found my face a tad puffy. Nevertheless, my enthusiasm remained undeterred as I gave the device a try, starting with the lowest intensity level.

To my sheer delight, the results were astonishing! My skin visibly lifted right before my eyes, defying the puffiness I woke up with. I couldn't wait to see how it would hold up throughout the day.

As I ventured out with a friend, I couldn't help but feel a subtle sense of confidence knowing my face was still lifted under the makeup. Removing it later, the effect remained, leaving me thoroughly impressed.

This device truly lived up to its promise, and then some. It's safe to say, every penny was well worth it. With such remarkable results from the first use, I'm excited to explore its other functions and uncover even more surprising benefits.

A bit pricy

I've been blown away by how effective this device is; I saw noticeable lifting after just one use. And what's really impressive is that the lifting effect lasts for days without fading or disappearing. I'm definitely sticking with this device to keep up and enhance these results.

Can feel it work

I can clearly feel the device working; its vibrations are noticeable but not painful. The gel it comes with is akin to the type used in ultrasound treatments, making it effortless to apply evenly.

Using the device feels akin to utilizing professional equipment found in beauty salons. After consulting with customer service, they recommended using the device two to three times per week. Personally, I've been using the lifting mode once every two days, and the other two modes each once a week. I've already begun to notice changes in my face—it feels lifted and more plump.

Good investment

This has been the best investment I've made all year. I've always been obsessed with salon treatments, especially salmon treatment, to keep my facial skin looking youthful. But once I discovered these gadgets, I realized how much money I've wasted in the past. At first, I was hesitant to place an order, but those doubts disappeared after I tried the device.

It's like a parody of clinic treatments, but the results are still remarkable, even if they're not as immediately visible as salon treatments. In the long run, though, it's definitely worth it. The best part is, you can use it anywhere, anytime – just toss it in your handbag.

Even at the lowest level, the stamping mode delivers noticeable heat. After a session, my face is slightly red but much plumper. Plus, I'm confident it'll help define my jawline over time, as the device lifts my skin with each use.