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Amiro S1 Stamping RF Facial Device – Anti-Aging Revolution


  1. AMIRO S1 Penetrates Deeper into the Skin
  2. Fractional Rotation RF Technology
  3. Ease of Use compared to traditional device
  4. Anti-aging effects may multiply from each time of use
  5. Hospital Formula Patented Ionizing Facial Mask

Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through. But, just because it's natural, doesn't mean we have to accept it! Amiro has announced their new S1 Stamping RF Facial Device, and it's a game changer in the anti-aging world.

Stamping is a revolutionary anti-aging technology that uses stronger energy to concentrate on the skin. Traditional sliding radio frequency (RF) only involves quick energy flashes through the skin's surface, which makes it difficult to allow energy to truly permeate skin and perform anti-aging care for the dermis. But with Amiro S1, the RF depth and quantity of energy are sufficient to meet certain standards, more collagen is produced, and skin aging indicators can be reduced.

AMIRO S1 Penetrates Deeper into the Skin

The electron microscopic image of a dummy (temperature-sensitive gelatin) shows that the energy will penetrate the deeper layers of the skin during a 5-8 second stamping process. At the same time, electric knife analyzer results show that stamping energy is much greater than sliding energy at 2.5-3 mm under the skin surface.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Stamping | Fractional rotation energy field

Anti-Aging Revolution

Traditional sliding | Ordinary RF energy field

Stamping Stimulates Collagen Generation

Energy concentration enables increased collagen production, unlocking better anti-aging effects

SCI papers found similar results from comparative, clinical, and dummy experiments:

When the RF depth and quantity of energy are sufficient to meet certain standards, more collagen is produced, and skin aging indicators can be reduced. Stamping is a better approach to skin care for anti-aging beauty devices because it increases the concentration of energy and enhances effects.

  1. The RF heating efficiency formula demonstrates that the longer RF heating lasts, the more skin damage occurs, and the more reconstruction energy becomes required.
  2. The higher RF heating temperature is, the better wrinkle improvement effects are.

Regeneration of Collagen Type I & III

Collagen loss indicates skin aging, and that causes problems like sagging skin, coarse pores, dull skin, or skin depression.

Collagen Type I = supports the elastic network, a relatively hard collagen that supports the skin to make it firm, have clearer texture, and more delicate contour.

Lack of Collagen Type I - lateral sagging of the skin

Collagen Type III is the elastic collagen that keeps skin fine, elastic, light colored, and flexible:

Lack of Collagen Type III - longitudinal sagging of skin

Fractional Rotation RF Technology

Fractional rotation RF technology has higher energy concentration, intensity, and energy concentration uniformity (persistence of heating effects from a distance). It is safe, effective, and simple to use at home in RF applications.

① Energy concentration (thermage monopolar RF compared with home bi-polar RF and fractional rotational electric fields)

Fractional rotation RF involves less lose energy, is more suited to home RF use, and provides higher energy, better anti-aging effects.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Monopole RF

Anti-Aging Revolution

Bi-Polar RF

Anti-Aging Revolution

Fractional rotation RF

* Electric field simulation of the comsol inductance coil

② Strong energy (equal to that of thermage at level 3.0)

According to the electric knife analyzer results of photoelectric biosafety tests, the collagen gun produces 18.5J of energy at level 3, equal to thermage at level 3.0.

Generation 5 Thermage FLX/CPT

AMIRO collagen gun

Energy density J/cm

Level 1.0


Level 1


Level 2.0


Level 2


Level 3.0


Level 3


③ Energy concentration (heating from a distance)

Fractional rotation RF causes the dermis to get warmer than the epidermis, so stamping on the skin for 6-8s will not lead to burns.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Bi-Polar RF

Anti-Aging Revolution

Fractional rotation RF

* comsol simulation of subcutaneous heat distribution

④ Uniform energy (dual-loop vs 4-pole vs fractional rotation RF)

From the fractional RF electrodes and subcutaneous temperature distribution, such RF applications can make skin more evenly activated per unit area, and therefore when stamping, every inch of skin gets an even amount of energy.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Anti-Aging Revolution

Anti-Aging Revolution

* comsol simulation of 2D skin surface heat distribution

Stamping is unlikely to cause pigmentation

Traditional rubbing may cause skin issues:

  1. Excessive rubbing of the skin causes destruction of the skin barrier, possibly resulting in chloasma.
  2. Excessive friction may cause pigmentation and wrinkles.

Stamping not only allows for more energy permeation, but also prevents subcutaneous inflammation from friction, which in turn prevents pigmentation.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Ease of Use compared to traditional device

Traditional beauty product

  • special operation methods
  • Repeatedly apply to skin in circle motions; be aware these requirements may make the product challenging to use and apply correctly.
  • 6-15 mins per application / full-facial anti-aging effects application

AMRIO collagen gun

  • no special operation methods needed
  • Simple to operate and easy to consistently apply correctly
  • Apply twice within 5 mins / full-facial deep anti-aging effects

Anti-aging effects may multiply from each time of use

Deep nourishment through patented medium wave ion technology

RF and ionization accomplish better permeation, with low and medium frequency RF causing ionic skin cell vibrations that result in localized heating, enabling micro-channels for water-soluble ingredients to permeate the skin. The highly charged ionic component is pulled by the medium frequency square wave current to produce electromigration and ionization, thus diffusing the drug downward.

The amount of 300da small molecule permeation was successfully multiplied in simulation and dummy tests (the Franz Cells permeation experiment report was given by Zhejiang University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in August 2022).

Combining ingredients and photoelectric action 1+1>N to achieve multiplied anti-aging effects

Fractional + medium wave ion for better permeation = photoelectric anti-aging + ingredient anti-aging

Anti-Aging Revolution

Use with a specially made mask

Comfortable and easy to use, with long-time use possibly resulting in better care effects

Hospital Formula Patented Ionizing Facial Mask

Cytocare facial mask

  • Ingredients: "53+1" improves the ecology of the stratum basale and increases the metabolic capacity of basal cells, making skin as hydrated and soft as young skin.
  • Suitable for: Dry skin, fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone, shrink pores, and restoring delicate skin

Anti-Aging Revolution

Argireline freeze-drying facial mask

  • Ingredients: Triple peptide (botulinum toxin + snake venom peptide + acetyl hexapeptide-8) is used to smooth away wrinkles on every part of the face, restore skin smoothness, and enhance support force for facial contours.
  • Suitable for: Forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, the nasal base, and delicate jawline care.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Type NMPA II rehabilitative dressing

  • For postoperative skin repair, skin inflammation, redness, and quick stabilization needs.

Anti-Aging Revolution

Anti-Aging Revolution

If you're looking for a way to turn back the clock on your skin, look no further than Amiro S1!

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