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The Perfect At-Home Facial in 6 Steps

You don’t have to invest in regular facials at a spa to achieve a beautiful complexion. It’s possible to achieve the same glow with an at-home facial, tightening loose skin included (believe it or not). The key is an intentional skincare regimen, curated specifically with facial tightening in mind. Start a regular self-care routine by following the below six steps consistently. Your skin will thank you.

1. Cleanse

cleaning the face

Your skincare routine should always start with a cleanser. It’s important to wash away not only dirt and makeup, but any barriers that have built up throughout the day or night. Even your skin’s natural oils can prevent products from being absorbed appropriately. Cleansing needs to be part of your daily routine (along with moisturizing and SPF). The next step is one that can be dedicated to your at-home facial day.


2. Exfoliate

Just as our skin’s natural oils inevitably build up, so do other things. Cleansers can only clean so much. Things like dry skin don’t rinse away easily. That’s where an exfoliant is helpful. Exfoliants can be thought of as a way to help your skin shed the dry, flakiness we all accumulate – particularly mature skin. Once you are at a fresh layer of clean skin, it’s time to treat your skin.


3. Serums

There are many different types of serums available. Given that, keep your own goals for your skin in mind when selecting serums to use in your at-home facials. If facial tightening is your goal, retinols may be a good choice. Additionally, you can never go wrong with a serum that was developed to hydrate your skin. Hydrated skin always appears tighter and brighter.

4. Facial Tightening

This step will quickly become your secret weapon. It will also be the step that really gets you feeling like an esthetician. Facial tightening starts with healthy skin and intentional skincare products. However, facial tightening is accelerated with innovative technology. Take advantage of the wonders of radiofrequency (RF) facial technology at home to achieve jaw-dropping results. Using Amiro Beauty’s skin tightening device, you can safely reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing your skin elasticity, within just 28 days!

5. Mask

After using your facial tightening device, the next step is to move on to a mask application. Like serums, masks are another opportunity to adjust your at-home facial to your needs. Choose a mask with ingredients that help you achieve your personal skin goals. If you are looking for hydration, we recommend a mask with hyaluronic acid included.

6. Moisturize

Last, but certainly not least, you need to lock in everything you did in the previous steps. Moisturizers not only moisturize, but they act as a sealant for your skin. That makes them a fantastic last step for your at-home facial. They allow your skin to soak in all of the amazing products you treated it with.

Whatever your skin aspirations are, you can achieve them in the comfort of your own home. Even a goal such as tightening loose skin doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just need the right skincare regimen, with quality products used intentionally. Follow the six steps shared today, including Amiro’s innovative skin tightening device, and enjoy your revitalized, tight, and bright skin!