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IPL VS Laser Hair Removal: Which One Is Right For You?

Hair removal methods can be quite confusing, with many different types of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers available on the market. So what's the difference between intense pulsed light and laser light hair removal, and which is best for your skin type? This article will uncover the details of the technology and hopefully will provide enough information about making a decision between IPL and laser hair removal devices.

How does Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Device work?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a newer and more advanced hair removal technology that uses shorter, more intense bursts of light to remove hair. IPL is considered more effective than laser because it targets the root of the hair follicle, resulting in quicker and deeper hair removal. In addition, IPL is also more gentle on the skin than laser light. IPL devices use a range of wavelengths, rather than a single wavelength like lasers, which allows them to target a wider range of hair colors and skin types. In this case, at-home hair removal is not only for the face and bikini area. We can also go for our underarms, legs, etc.

AMIRO A2 IPL Hair Removal Device

AMIRO team has recently released our IPL hair removal device AMIRO A2 IPL Hair Removal Device. It has all the advantages of IPL technology. In the meantime, with its BI-LAYER 360°technology, the AMIRO at-home A2 IPL hair removal device can effectively keep the skin surface at a low temperature, so you will never feel pain or irritation during the session. More special, it has an intelligent built-in skin sensor that scans your skin to ensure that you get the right amount of light energy for your skin tone.

How does the laser hair removal device work?

At-home laser hair removal devices typically use a technology called "diode laser" to remove hair.The device emits a laser beam absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicles. The light energy is then converted into heat, which damages the hair follicles and slows down or stops hair growth.

The device typically has a handpiece with a window that emits the laser beam. The window is pressed against the skin, and the laser beam is delivered to the hair follicles in pulses.

IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal: What's the Difference?

There are a few key differences between IPL and laser hair removal.

  • Laser hair removal uses a coherent light source to heat up the hair follicle, causing it to shrink and die. This is in contrast to IPL, which uses an incoherent light source that causes damage but doesn't kill the cells.
  • Laser hair removal is more painful than IPL.
  • While both treatments work well on most skin types, IPL hair removal is more effective on lighter skin colors.
  • Laser hair removal can take longer than IPL to achieve results - typically around three sessions are required for optimum results.

How to choose between IPL and laser hair removal device?

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing which type of laser hair removal is right for you:

  1. Skin and hair color: IPL works best for light skin and dark hair, while laser hair removal is more effective for darker skin and lighter hair.
  2. Treatment area: IPL is more suitable for larger areas like the legs, while laser is better for smaller areas like the face or bikini line. So, if your target is for body hair removal sessions, it is better to go with the IPL device.
  3. Cost: IPL is generally less expensive than laser hair removal.
  4. Pain tolerance: IPL is less painful than laser hair removal. If your pain tolerance level is low or you simply want to enjoy an at-home hair removal session without pain, go with the IPL hair removal device.

Warm reminder: It's always the best to consult with a licensed practitioner who can evaluate your skin type and hair color and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.


If you're considering laser hair removal, it's important to understand the difference between intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser hair removal. IPL is a less invasive technique that uses shorter, more precise bursts of light to remove hair. IPL hair removal using this method is typically more effective than laser treatment using continuous light, and it is less likely to cause skin burn or other side effects.

If you are looking for a fast, painless solution for removing unwanted hair, IPL may be the best option for you. Anyway, wish you have a hair-free summer in advance!