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Here’s How to Repair Your Skin Barrier in Just 7 Days

The unfortunate reality we are all subjected to is the fact that our skin is going to get damaged. That damage can occur due to the sun, acne, skin sensitivity… the list goes on. Given the inevitability of skin damage, there is only so much that can be done to avoid damage. Protecting and caring for our skin is certainly important. However, everyone will be forced to take a retroactive approach to enhancing the health and appearance of their skin. That is precisely where LED face masks came from.

What Are LED Face Masks?

Thanks to innovative technology, LED face masks were developed. LED face masks utilize various light sources that have been found to heal our skin barrier. Using sources such as infrared, red, blue, and yellow light, LED face masks are able to treat many common problems people have with their skin. In fact, studies by NASA have found a myriad of benefits when skin is exposed to light wavelengths. That is what LED face masks do: they safely expose your skin to various types of lights to heal your skin barrier. The masks themselves are just that – masks. They are comfortably worn on your face, allowing you to heal your skin while simultaneously going on about your day.

Why You Need an LED Light Mask

Our skin barrier can be thought of as a thin brick wall protecting our skin. The “wall” exists as a barrier to keep damage and toxins from reaching our body. Like a brick wall, damage eventually alters both the appearance and effectiveness of the barrier. That is why our skin barriers need to be repaired.

One of the most impressive qualities of an LED light mask is they were developed to help everyone. No matter what your skin damage looks like, an LED light mask can help you repair it. That goes back to the fact that LED face masks consist of different light sources. Each light source (or combination thereof) helps treat a specific type of damage. If you are struggling with acne, inflammation, discoloration, poor self-healing, or any other problem with the skin on your face, a high-quality LED light mask can repair your skin barrier.

AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

As is always true, no two products are created equal. When it comes to light therapy, it’s important you are using a high-quality mask to ensure you get the results you deserve. The AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask was developed with a great deal of intention. Since 2016, AMIRO has been constantly innovating the optoelectronic Technology, making LED light mask truly unparalleled.

AMIRO’s aim was to offer a powerful light therapy mask that can target any type of skin problem. Even more, AMIRO wanted to ensure the mask was comfortable, sensitive on skin, and of course, a part of your skincare routine you will enjoy. The AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Mask utilizes four 77mw/cm^2 light sources that stimulate the skin’s self-healing processes. The salon-quality power enables your skin to repair itself in just seven days. Even more, the mask only needs to be worn 10 minutes a day for you to see results. Here are some of the ways the AMIRO L1 Light Therapy Mask can help you heal your skin barrier:

Red and Infrared Light: using the red and infrared light simultaneously stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the skin. In doing so, skin becomes firmer, and melanin deposits decrease.

Red, Blue, and Infrared Light:  The combination of red, blue, and infrared light kills the bacteria that causes inflammation and enhances the microcirculation in the skin.

A powerful solution to skin damage is here. Put on your AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask while you tend to a house chore or relax on the couch for a few minutes. After just seven days, you will be amazed by the astonishing results you are able to achieve.