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AMIRO R1 Pro Review and How To Use It

Hey everyone, welcome back to the channel.My name is Katie and I’m the organic esthetician.Today we’re going to talk about the AMIRO R1 Pro at home radio frequency device.

So this is a four in one treatment, utilizing radiofrequency, EMS or electrical muscle stimulation, red and infrared light.
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So I have a lot of at home radio frequency devices, the AMIRO R1 Pro is the latest one that I’m testing out. I really love the design of this unit. They actually, I think, won a bunch of awards for it. It’s really comfortable. It’s super easy to use. The treatment head is flat along with the electrodes, which makes for a really comfortable treatment. This is definitely my preference when using radio frequency devices. I like when the surface is smooth, otherwise it’s just a little less pleasant. And if you are prone to sensitivity, texture on a treatment head can actually cause friction and irritation.
So there are two programs on your R1 Pro: firming and lifting EMS, which has a green light when you select it, or wrinkle fading and anti-aging RF, which will be orange. AMIRO suggests using the EMS mode in the morning to de-puff and lift the face. You can do this as often as you would like, even daily treatments. And they suggest using the anti-aging RF mode in the evenings and to limit treatments to two to three times a week. With those EMS morning treatments, you’ll see an immediate result and with the RF treatments you’re going to want to wait at least 28 days before you start seeing that shift in your skin.
Now there are five intensity levels underneath your power button. You can decrease or increase the intensity and I’m going to get into why this is important in just a moment.
So if you’ve watched any of my videos, you probably know how I feel about EMS. It’s not my favorite modality. Traditionally EMS is measured in milliamps. One milliamp equals 1000 microamps, which I find is too active for the delicate muscles of the face. That being said, I really appreciate that the AMIRO device has a range of EMS from 500 microamps up to 1000 microamps. So when you’re using that morning EMS treatment, your radio frequency intensity is going to be the same throughout the entire time you’re using your device. The R1 Pro has smart technology that measures the temperature of the skin and adjusts to accommodate. It will never get too hot, which would be higher than 42 degrees Celsius. When you increase the intensity on your EMS mode, you’re increasing the EMS. So your range of EMS is 500 microamps to 1000 microamps. So each time you click that intensity button, you are increasing the intensity of your electrical muscle stimulation. So I personally think 500 microamps is active enough and will give wonderful results in the muscle. So I like using my EMS mode on level one.
That next anti-aging RF program, when you click over here and get the orange light, uses radio frequency and those two LED wavelengths: red and infrared. So here you can see the six electrodes on the outside of your treatment head. This is radio frequency. It penetrates up to 3 millimeters into the skin and it offers a dual frequency range of 1 to 2 MHz.
So with the radio frequency, it has again, this intuitive technology that measures the temperature of the skin to prevent the skin from overheating, so it’s optimal temperature is 42 degrees Celsius and it won’t ever get hotter than that. There’s not a possibility of you burning yourself using the R-1 Pro. That radio frequency is paired with red LED light therapy, which is going to increase cell metabolism. You get that collagen stimulation and it penetrates 655 nanometers into the skin along with infrared light, which is going to open up the Skin Barrier and increase circulation offering a wavelength of 850 NM.
I think the Emir or R1 Pro is a really great option for someone that’s looking for a multi-modality device. So you have your EMS to lift and Contour the facial muscle. The radio frequency to firm the skin and stimulate new collagen production, along with minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and the red and infrared light that work to increase the health of the skin.

An R1 Pro treatment only takes 5 minutes, the device vibrates letting you know to move to the next section. They suggest breaking up the face into three sections and I’ll show you what that looks like. The whole thing couldn’t be easier, the R1 comes with conductivity gel, which you are more than welcome to use. They do have information on their website that says that you can use it with other gels and even with aloe vera. I’ve been using the promoter collagen gel with the gel that I use most often at home, and I found that it allows the device to heat up really well. Still, I did play around with zips silver gel in the mirror. Oh, and I broke out from it, which I never break out from this Virgil. So I would just caution you if you’re going to try that combination.
I have been using this off and on for a little bit. I’ve been traveling a lot this summer which is why I haven’t had very many videos in the last month or two. But even though I haven’t been using it for that long. I do notice a difference especially down here in this lower part of my face. This is where I start to kind of see a shift when I don’t do regular radio frequency treatments. So, I’m going to show you my before and afters. Again, I have not been using it for the full 28 days, but I definitely do see a little bit of a difference.
So, when I show you how I use the device, you’ll really get a good idea of how easy it is to use. And if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can use my discount code to save some money on your purchase. I’ll put a link along with my discount code in the show notes down below.
Alright, everyone, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope this was helpful and gave you a little more insight into the R1 Pro device. Miro makes a handful of devices and they have a lot of really interesting options. So it’s definitely worth checking out their website. And if you are wanting to learn a little bit more about radiofrequency, I’m going to link a different video in the show notes down below that just goes a little more in-depth into the modality and its benefits.
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